Until we all winUntil we all win

Listen up.
Equality isn’t a game.
But achieving it will be our greatest victory.
That’s why we keep playing, until we all win.

BHM celebrates the athletes and African-American youth leaders who are harnessing the power of sport and making a positive change in their communities.


Presenting the Youth Leaders of Today

Meet the members of the Future Varsity program – a six-month program created to support leaders in African-American communities using sport to inspire change.

Healthy Active Positive Purposeful Youth

Haile Thomas

At age 12, Haile Thomas founded her own nonprofit, Healthy Active Positive Purposeful Youth (HAPPY), to help equip young people with the knowledge, skills, and resources needed to take health into their own hands. Since then, she has become the youngest Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach in the United States, a youth health activist, an international motivational speaker, and vegan chef.

Haile sees her role in the community as somebody able to give others the confidence they’ll need to embrace better quality nutrition—whether it’s in school, at home or for life. For this reason, she takes special pride in introducing people to foods they otherwise wouldn’t try.

Sharing knowledge and experiences that we have acquired can change others’ lives.Haile Thomas

Youth Leaders of Today

Find out more about the other Youth Leaders that are using sport to promote change within their communities.

Nominate a Youth Leader In Your Community

Future Varsity is a program designed to support, empower and enable youth leaders who are using sport to stand up for values, of equality, diversity and inclusion in their communities. We invite you to submit nominations for the next program.

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Until We All Win

Nike is proud to support numerous national and local organizations that provide services to underrepresented youth, including African-American youth, during the year, through mentorship, leadership development, coaching, city league sport programs, and other community initiatives.

The leading national organization in ensuring quality youth mentoring relationships, Nike has supported MENTOR to raise the profile of mentoring and expand into new parts of the U.S., connecting more volunteers to mentoring opportunities in their local communities.

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Since 2017, PeacePlayers, with Nike’s support, has established programs in Brooklyn, Baltimore, Chicago, Detroit and Los Angeles bringing young people together through the power of sport.

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